Pizzeria Gourmet

Pizzeria Gourmet




Good for one’s health, highest digestive tolerance,
intense flavour, a lot of typical products carefully
selected from the best italian products..



Farina Petra. macinata a pietra 100% italiana

If one wants to talk about “pizza gourmet”, the following requirements shall be satisfied:
1) Good smell; 2) Intense flavour; 3) Highest dough digestibility; 4) Good for one’s bowel. These main features are respected by a unique guarantee product: Farina Petra. 100% genuine italian product, best traceability of the product, with the chance of visiting the fields where the “Wheat” grows. 0, 1 and 2 flour type with great care of wheat germ during transformation, which gives dough intense flavours. This make the pizza a great experience at first taste

L’Orto di Lucullo

Prodotti L'Orto di Lucullo

This trade mark was estabilished in the early 50s in the wake of the Vesuvio. Made by Acciaio’s, this trade mark is based on cultivation of high quality product, starting from the seeds. Highly selected products distributed in the south of Italy. During the 80s a big change turned out. It was based on a wide selection of agricultural products from Campania, the creation of new recipes by the best chefs and the pizza gourmet. For this reason, GMA Import Specialità, led by Giuseppe Acciaio ( expert on gastronomy ), created the trade mark “L’Orto di Lucullo”.


fornitura di Birre e Sidri per pizzerie gourmet

The best pizzeria gourmet needs the best beverage pairings. They suggest drinking British, Irish, Belgian and German beers. Apple and pear ciders by Magners, fruit juice and biological wines. The trade mark “Pizzerie Gourmet” can lean on a professional staff, more specifically the Bier Sommelier Gilberto Acciaio, graduated from “Doemens” in Germany and finalist in the World Beer Championship in 2014. He has also been selected for the Italian edition in 2015.

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