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Since 1980 GMA Import Specialità has been leading the italian market for “Food&Beverage”. It is the biggest company in the research of high selected beers importing tipical European products. Today the GMA is run by 15 people. With 20 people split into offices, warehouses and deliveries, the GMA ensures professionalism and competence with an efficient shipping service for all weeks, even for small orders. Curiosity at the table with a touch of excellence. This is the best choice for Giuseppe Acciaio founder of GMA Import Export Specialities in Pompei, who since he was young (together with his father Luigi Acciaio founder of the trademark “Lucullus”) was interested in “Food&Beverage” sector. He specialised in raw material and research of high quality products. These are the main features of GMA which also launched the first University of Beer in the south of Italy : the “Campania Felix”.
Campania and Basilicata represent the GMA first distribution market according to Giuseppe Acciaio who set up a “bridge” over the global market not moving away from his own origins. He is still leading his company together with his sons: Gabriella, head of the executive management of the firm; Luigi, senior consultant for pizzerie gourmet; Massimiliano, (who studied at University of Beer in Azzate – President Franco Re) business manager for beverage; Gilberto (who studied at Doemens Akademie in Germany) responsible for the company development and the first Bier Sommelier in the south of Italy (there are only 23 of them in Italy). GMA IMPORT SPECIALITIES has main reference markets: Belgium, Central and South America, Caribbean, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Poland, Scotland and Spain. GMA is interested in special products such as: pure and elegant water (that would be ideal for restaurants), biological drinks, beers(kegs and bottles from abbeys), Brandy and grappa, Colombe and panettoni (typical Italian dessert), pecorino cheese and formaggio di fossa, Gastronomia Bavarese, Molino Quaglia (for Petra flour), biological extra vergin olive oil, high quality tomatoes (Piennolo) from the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno, high quality ham and cold cuts, International Rum from the 5 Continents, Scottish Whisky, Irish Ciders (apple, pear, berries), Appetizers, biological fruit juice, italian and international wines, Premium and Super Premium Vodka.

Exclusive importer/distributor

pizza_gourmetOur goal should be to buy at the best price/quality ratio, especially if we are talking about nutrition. When we decide to go out for a dinner or not, we should choose the best quality products, the best for our health. But that does not mean that they have to spend a lot of money, because the price shall be calculated using the following formula: the consume/quality raito. The pizza is the main food in Campania for all ages. We start from pizza to tell our idea about the “Good Food”, whichever one it may be. For this reason GMA decided to create a business basket for its clients fill with naturally produced flours, useful to make any kind of dough, rich in fibre and protein, capable of absorbing up to 10 times their own weight. A more digestible and savoury flour. Biological tomatoes from Campania lands, from Monti Lattari to Vesuvio. Oils DOP from Salerno’s hills, produced in the heart of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park(certification of organic farming) with a bitter and spicy aftertaste, (basic qualitie of an oil) good for one’s health. High quality Mozzarella, from Fior di Latte to Buffalo Mozzarella, made complying with ancient tradition to guarantee consumers a healthy product in terms of traceability, smell and flavour. Anchovies from Cetara, fished around the Coast, preserved in salt and “Colatura di Alici” (typical anchovies sauce, with an amber colour) made as the ancient Romans were used to do.

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