Luigi Acciaio

Pizzaiolo professionista

pizza-gourmet-luigi-acciaio-Il-Vesuvio-incontra-il-MareThe Master Pizza maker Luigi Acciaio, Chairperson of the association “Pizza Gourmet”, shows us his recipe of the pizza gourmet: “Il Vesuvio incontra il Mare”.

Pizza dough: Petra 3 flour by “Molino Quaglia”
Rising time: 36 hours
Hydration: 70%


Buffalo mozzarella “Vannulo”

Pacchetelle di Pomodoro giallo ( tipical yellow tomatoes from Vesuvio ) “L’Orto di Lucullo”

Poured courgette soup

Fish eggs by “Cabras” Slow Food

Extra Vergin Olive Oil “EVO PDO Pregio” from Salerno hills

Urchin Pulp



Spread the dough over the baking tray and bake it. Then take the dough out of the oven, add a slice of buffalo mozzarella “Vannullo” and spread the poured courgette soup, the urchin pulp, a yellow tomato slice by slice and the fish eggs on it. Spice the pizza with Extra Vergin Olive Oil DOP and basil at the end.[/ezcol_2third_end]

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