Restaurant Pizzeria Gourmet “Falernum” – Pomigliano D’Arco (NA)

Restaurant Pizzeria Gourmet “Falernum” – Pomigliano D’Arco (NA)


Five Slow Food products on a single pizza? That is possible at Pizza Restaurant Gourmet “Falernum” in Pomigliano D’Arco, where three shareholders – two brothers and one brother in law – make a very special pizza.

Tomatoes “Miracolo di San Gennaro”, capers from Salina, olives from Caiazzo, anchovies and salt; these are the ingredients selected by the pizza maker Angelo Mazzacane, his brother, the chef Vito and their brother in law Gabriele Bogazzi, the head waiter. A precious mix to enhance the already tasteful pizza thanks to Petra flour and the culture yeast.

A new adventure for Falernum which aims to combine the pizza gourmet with a cooking of excellence, with a business relations with Giuseppe Acciaio and GMA IMPORT EXPORT SPECIALITIES which offers high quality flours, Slow Food products and much more.


The restaurant is located in Pomigliano d’Arco in via Trieste 18 and it is a family-based restaurant. Several years of experience in this sector around Italy let the three shareholders respect their own tradition. The main goal is to put on the table products from different Italian countries. The pizzeria respects the Neapolitan tradition about ingredients and way of cooking. It also aims to research new flavours and high quality products. For this reason they joined in the new format “Pizzerie Gourmet” made by GMA Import Export Specialities of Giuseppe Acciaio and his trademarks “L’Orto di Lucullo and Petra Flour”.

The way of cooking will be based on enhancing the old essential flavours in a manner which satisfies both young and old.

The name “Falernum” was named after the wine “Falernum”, the first tagged wine in Campania. But they also have other alcoholic beverages such as monk beers from the northern Europe or other Italian and not distillates. Both brothers Angelo and Vito and their brother in law Gabriele decided to create a very stylish and intimate place: beautiful chairs (made up of millettia laurentii wood), red ceiling, red tableclothes and fairy lights let clients live a very intimate and special experience, like a big family.

“Literary Dinner”, cocktail with writers, reading and pizza with children, not to forget the practical side. They can count on the partner “Centro Leggimi Forte” in Pomigliano. In fact, Falernum, combines cooking with literature in order to let people enjoy a good meal in an educational way.

Villa Giovanna: pizzeria gourmet in Ottaviano in the company of the “doctor pizza” Salvatore Kosta

Very experienced in making dough, yeast and particular kind of flours, three pizza makers, a great place with a breathtaking view, an expert chef in the kitchen, a lot of professionalism and product of excellence higly selected by Giuseppe Acciaio at Gma Import Specialities. These are the main features of the pizzeria “Villa Giovanna” which is located in via Valle delle Delizie, on the Monte Somma, in Ottaviano.

The patron Francesco Formisano took over the company in 2011 and he decided to set up a pizzeria gourmet in 2013 togheter with the food technologist Salvatore Kosta, a very experienced man in making dough and culture yeast who has become a “doctor pizza”.

“Special flours need a special leavening to make a more digestible pizza” , Kosta says. He go in the afternoon to his “lab to play” with culture yeast and brewer’s yeast, he pick the best flour for the best dough which needs to sit for 48 hours in the fridge”. A basic step to let the three pizza maker have the best dough for their pizza gourmet. Francesco Sorrentino, Salvatore Balzano and Alessandro Falanga have to roll the dough before fill and bake. In the kitchen, the “head” is the chef Attilio Di Cristo.

Kosta uses Petra flour for his pizza gourmet, he make three different type of dough: the first made up of the culture yeast, the second with a type of pre-fermentation called “Biga” and the third with the brewer’s yeast. In any case the result is excellent. And pizza becomes a very precious meal thanks to the high quality ingredients: buffalo mozzarella, capers from Salina, extra vergin olive oil “Pregio” and other particular ingredients such as chickpea cream and codfish. During the last “tasting event” on thursday, the beer-sommelier Gilberto Acciaio matched beers to pizza so enhancing flavours.